Nickelodeon AR Filter Tiktok
The AR filter leverages facial recognition and head movement tracking to allow users to interact with a virtual selection of TV shows. By tilting their head, users can select shows they have watched, and based on their selections, the filter determines and displays the television era they are most associated with.
Brand: Nickelodeon
Platform: TIktok
Prime Video AR Postar For Event Activation
An interactive augmented reality (AR) poster specifically designed for Prime Video Italy to enhance event activations, allowing users to immerse themselves inside the poster
Brand: Prime Video
Platform: Instagram, Facebook, Meta Spark Player
Dominos Fifa Worldcup 2022
Dominos Fifa World Cup Game AR Filter
Brand : Dominos Bangladesh
Platform: Instagram, Facebook
Guess The Trend
Guess the trend game for Depop
Brand : DEPOP
Platform: Tiktok
Randmiser Tiktok AR Effect for Sony Music Germany
Randomiser AR Filter predicts how many streams your song will make.
Brand: Sony Music Entertainment Germany
Platform: Instagram, Facebook, Meta Spark Player
Search Party : Find the object TIktok Game Filter
In the AR game, users locate displayed objects in pictures by tapping on the canvas. Successfully finding an object reveals another to locate within a set timeframe. The game concludes with a final score displayed when the timer expires.
Platform: Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok
Claw machine game for Easytoys
Easy Toys
Instagram, Facebook
Mamabox SG
Parachute Naturale AR Game Filter
In this AR game, collect natural elements, avoid chemicals, and score points. Emphasis on recognizing natural ingredients in popular shampoo brands.
Brand : Parachute Naturale
Platform: Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok
Studio X Cricket Worldcup AR Filter
To succeed, raise your hand when the marker hits the yellow bar. Missing the mark means you're out. Score three sixes to earn a special voucher code.
Brand : Studio X
Platform: Instagram, Facebook
We developed a vibrant 3D animation for Skitto, showcasing a dancing mascot in an augmented reality activation tailored for an event.
Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok
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